Global Perspectives: an introduction

Global Perspectives
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Global Perspectives

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Global Perspectives
The subject matter of Global Perspectives is our world. Global
Perspectives aims to help students to make this vast topic manageable by teaching them to: 
find information about our world and about key issues in our world 
think and reflect critically and carefully about our world and the key
issues in our world 
negotiate and understand their own place in our world
act thoughtfully, realistically and purposefully to improve our world
communicate information, ideas and reasoning to others in our world.

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AS and A levels
Cambridge International AS & A Level Global Perspectives & Research encourages learners aged 16 to 19 years to think critically and analytically, using different research methodology to evaluate arguments and issues from multiple perspectives.

Students explore and make judgements about global issues of relevance and importance to their own lives.

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Global Perspectives at CCC
4th form:  
Component 1:  Written Examination of 1 hour 30 minutes

Written examination consisting of compulsory, structured questions based on sources provided with the examination paper. 
Candidates analyse and evaluate arguments, interrogate evidence and compare perspectives on global issues listed in the syllabus

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Global Perspectives at CCC
5th form:  
Component 2 and 3:  Essay (1750-2000 words) and Team Project

Essay: Candidates explore different perspectives on issues of global significance arising from their studies during the course and write an essay based on their research. The essay title is devised by candidates themselves.

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Global Perspectives at CCC
5th form:  
Team Project

Candidates work in teams to identify a local problem which has global relevance.
Individual team members research the issue and suggest solutions to the problem based on their research findings. Teams work together to agree a set of proposed team solutions to the problem.

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Global Perspectives at CCC
5th form:  
Team Project

Presentation Each candidate presents an eight-minute live presentation of their individual research and proposed solutions to the problem.
Reflective PaperEach candidate explains these team solutions in an individual 800-word reflective paper.

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Global Perspectives at CCC
5th and 6th form:  
Component 4:  Cambridge Research Report (instead of PWS)

Candidates devise and develop a research question. This is answered in a report based on independent personal research. 
The research report must not exceed 5000 words.

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Let's start

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Unit 1: The critical path
and Collaboration

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Looking at an issue from several perspectives
You're going to watch an episode of Judge Rinder (the UK equivalent of our De rijdende rechter).

Take notes and try and in pairs answer these questions: 
- What is the issue at hand?
- What arguments do both parties use?
- On what arguments does judge Rinder pass judgement?
- Do you think it's a fair judgement? Why so?

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For next week:
Read page 2 (Introduction and Skills and knowledge) and do activity 1.01.

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