Intro welfare state

Welfare state!?
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Welfare state!?

Slide 1 - Woordweb

Statement: Every citizen who receives social assistance benefits should be obliged to do community service in return for this government support.

Use the following sentence starters:
I (dis)agree with..., because...
I would like to add to... that...
I have a question about.../Could you explain...?

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The welfare state dilemma
Welfare state = government plays an active role in ensuring the welfare and well-being of its people

When should people be expected to solve their own problems and when should the government step in to help them?

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Lesson objectives
Key concepts: welfare state; welfare triangle

You can use the welfare triangle to:
  • compare the liberal (rightwing), social democratic (leftwing) and christian democratic view on the welfare state
  • formulate your own opinion on the welfare state

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What are your basic needs?

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Who is responsible?

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  • Social democratic view
  • Underlying values: equality, availability for everyone
  • Risk: expensive (high taxes), dependency, free-riding

  • Liberal view
  • Underlying values: freedom, personal responsibility
  • Risk: inequality and exclusion

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Left versus right: the socio-economic divide
Left: EQUALITY AND SOLITARITY! (main ideals behind socialism)
  • Active government (redistribution)
  • High taxes --> equal opportunities provided by the state
Right: FREEDOM! (main ideals behind liberalism)
  • Passive government (free market)
  • Low taxes --> personal responsibility and freedom

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Civil society
  • Christian democratic view
  • Underlying values: solidarity, caring for each other
  • Risk: people without strong social networks risk being excluded

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What are the arguments brought up by democrats and republicans in favor and against universal healthcare?

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Portfolio assignment 1

Describe how you think the life of someone living in poverty in the Netherlands is different from someone who is not. Think about housing, work, health, free time/social contacts, education, government support, etc.

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Viewing question

What do people have to do in return for social assistance beneftis?

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Lesson objectives 

Key concepts: welfare state; welfare triangle; social assistance benefits; basic income
Lesson objectives: You can use the welfare triangle to:
  • compare the liberal, social democratic and christian democratic view on the welfare state
  • formulate your own opinion on the welfare state, social assistance benefits and the basic income

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What would a world where everyone received a basic income look like?

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Viewing questions
Which of the arguments in favor of a universal basic income do you find most convincing? Which ones convince you the least? 

Can you come up with any other arguments for or against the universal basic income?

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Slide 21 - Video

A left-wing or right-wing idea?

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