The things they carried

   The things they carried
By Robyn Hulleman and Tara Vredegoor
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   The things they carried
By Robyn Hulleman and Tara Vredegoor

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  • Introduction​
  • Preperation assignment​
  • Vietnam war​
  • Characters ​
  • Context/author​
  • Plot of the novel​
  • Themes​
  • Literary therms​
  • Assignment class

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Homework asignment
What do you think the novel is about?

Slide 4 - Open vraag

Slide 5 - Video

Context and author 
  • Tim O'Brien 
  • Semi-autobiogtraphical stories
  • Experiences 

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Vietnam war

Slide 7 - Woordweb

The vietnam war briefly explained

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Literary period 
  • Postmodern 
  • Non-linear narrative
  • Metafictional components

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Tim O'Brien
Lieutenant Jimmy Cross

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Norman Bowker
Ted Lavender
Curt Lemon

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  • Characters 
  • Deemed traumatic
  • Flasbacks -> live war trauma 
  • Audience sympathise 
  • Literary and figuratively

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Examples story's
  • "The things they carried"
- Jimmy 
- Carry 
- Lavender
  • "Field trip"'
- remember and honor
  • "The lives of the Dead"
- Close-up 
-Stories about fallen comrades

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Survivor's Guilt 
(guilt or a sense of responsibility for surviving a traumatic event when others did not)
- Tim O'Brien killing an enemy; "the man I killed"
- Norman Bowker surviving while Kiowa died;  "speaking of courage"

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Truth and storytelling  
  • "How to Tell a True War Story,"
  • Story-truth vs happening-truth 
- The subjective reality conveyed
  • Comrade Curt Lemon
- Power of storytelling -> emotional truths 
  • Exaggerated 
- "The Sweetheart of the song Tra Bong 
- Convey deeper truths of war

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Love and longing 
(emotional connections to home, family, and the people the soldiers care about)
-Letters from home
- Jimmy Cross and Martha
- Norman Bowker's longing for recognition

Slide 18 - Tekstslide

Reflection on identity
(the characters confronting the impact of war on their sense of self)
- Norman Bowker's post-war struggle: 
- Lieutenant Cross's leadership and responsibility: 
-Kiowa's spiritual struggle

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Literary devices 

Slide 20 - Tekstslide

Protagonist and antagonist  
  • Memory and storytelling 
  • Traditional
  • Physically and emotionally
  • Greater background
  • Affects people 
  • Common humanity

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(A figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable)
- “Lieutenant Cross wished the rain would let up. Even for an hour, it would make things easier.
But then he shrugged. The rain was the war and you had to fight it.” 

- “The things they carry”  

- “That's what a story does. The bodies are animated. You make the dead talk.” 

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"Turning an object or action in a literary work into something that means more than itself, that stands for something beyond itself."  
  • The pebble 
- Connection and distance 
  • The letters 
- Home and loneliness 
  • Martha  
-Feminine force and home

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(Hints of what is to come in the action of a play or a story.)
- Ted Lavender's death
- Norman Bowker's post-war struggle
- Jimmy Cross' love towards Martha

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"A lively description of objects and scene."
  • Visual Imagery 
  • Auditory Imagery 
  • Tactile Imagery 
  • Olfactory Imagery 
  • Gustatory Imagery 

  • Specificities 
  • Hair, nails, skin 

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How is Curt Lemon killed?
He is shot in the head
He is never killed
He steps on a mine
He is killed by a grenade

Slide 27 - Quizvraag

What is unusual about the novel's antagonist?

Slide 28 - Open vraag

Who is Martha?

Slide 29 - Woordweb

What is special about the title of the book?
The title is a metaphor
The president invented the title
The title is named after the passed Kiowa
Martha wrote a poem about the title for Lieutenant Jimmy Cross

Slide 30 - Quizvraag