3.2 The Dutch climate V3 pt 2

3.2 The Dutch climate
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3.2 The Dutch climate

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What are we going to do today?
The Dutch climate: North vs. South
The Dutch climate: East vs. West
Frontal rainfall

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What do you see in a climate graph?

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What does the x-asis show in a climate graph?
What the graph is about

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Climate graph for Groningen
Climate graph for Maastricht

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The Dutch climate: North vs. South
There are small differences in the Dutch weather depending on where you are in the country:
- Groningen is further away from the equator than Maastricht.
- At the equator, incoming solar radiation is at its strongest.

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The Dutch climate: North vs. South
- Incoming solar radiation
- The thickness of the atmosphere
- The albedo effect: the reflection of sunlight of clouds and Earths surface

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Climate graph for The Hague.
Climate graph for Enschede.

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The Dutch climate: East vs. West
Maritime effect = Places close to the North Sea experience this effect: it is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Sea water warms up very slowly in the summer and loses its heat very slowly during the winter. 

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Frontal rainfall
Gulf stream : Sea current coming from the equator. (warm)

Southwestern winds are warm, coming from the equator and collide with cold air from the north.

Frontal rainfall: Rainfall caused by the meeting of a warm and cold front

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Find out why we have four different seasons. Write this down on a full page (use pictures). NO PLAGIARISM!!

Make in your workbook p85-87
Exercise: 6 to 10 

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