Transport through membranes

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which homework questions would you like me to discuss?

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  • You can calculate the concentration of a solution.
  • You can explain what diffusion and osmosis are and describe the role of osmosis in the rigidity of plants.
  • You can describe how the transport of substances occurs through (cell) membranes.

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What is concentration?

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  • In organisms, substances are dissolved in the cytoplasm of the cell. 
  • Living organisms require substances to enter and exit each cell.
  • Chemical reactions take place in cells that can change the concentrations of solutes.

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The movement of a substance from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration of that substance.

Diffusionspeed depends on the temperature.

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= diffusion of water through a semipermeable membrane

= the movement of water from a place with a low osmotic pressure to a place with a high osmotic pressure

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types of membranes
permeable = 
a membrane with big pores, water and substances can move through the pores

semi-permeable or selectively permeable = 
very small pores, only water can go through, not the dissolved substances

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Osmotic pressure
How much water moves is determined by the osmotic value on both sides of the membrane.

Osmotic value: amount of dissolved substances in the water.

High osmotic pressure: a lot of dissolved substances.
Low osmotic presurre: a few dissolved substances.

Water flows of a low > high osmotic value.

The solution with the highest osmotic pressure  has a suction force on the water from the other solution. This suction force is called the osmotic pressure.

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Osmosis in animal cells
hypotone solution OUTSIDE of the cell

water goes in by osmosis and the cells burst
isotone solution OUTSIDE of the cell

no osmosis, no difference in osmotic pressure
hypertone solution OUTSIDE of the cell

water leaves the cell through osmosis, the cells shrink

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osmosis in a plant cell

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passief transport
kost geen energie
verloopt altijd door een concentratieverschil
osmose en diffusie

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Actief transport, tegen concentratiegradiënt in. Kost ATP.
gaat tegen de concentratiegradiënt in
kost wel energie

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Exocytose:afsnoeren blaasjes (actief)
Endocytose: opnemen stoffen
-> endosoom.
Voeding opnemen: fagocytose

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