Engineering Processes

Engineering Processes
RBAI - Year 13
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EngineeringFurther Education (Key Stage 5)

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Engineering Processes
RBAI - Year 13

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Recall any 3 aspects of the Extrusion manufacturing process.

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What do you know currently about the drilling process?

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Reading Task
Please access you CANVAS site 

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Lesson Review

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By means of a sketch show how a clamp is
positioned to give maximum clamping force
to the workpiece.

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What is the purpose of using a reamer?

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What is the quill of a drilling machine?

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State the purpose of a Morse taper.

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Why is it necessary to clamp work during a
drilling operation?

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State the precautions necessary when
drilling holes in sheet metal.

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What piece of equipment is used to remove
a shank from the drill spindle?

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State two precautions to be taken when
drilling plastics materials.

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Human Factors

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What do you now know about the drilling process and drills that you didn't know at the beginning of the lesson?

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