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Rights & obligations
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Rights & obligations

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How about you?
Would you like to vote as teens? Let's hold a quickscan to see where you stand.

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Alper's story [listening]
Click below to hear Alper's story, then answer the questions.

Listen to Alper

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Why does Alper think the driving age should be higher?

Slide 5 - Open vraag

Why does Jimena think a lower driving age is OK?

Slide 6 - Open vraag

Why do both believe the drinking age should be lower?

Slide 7 - Open vraag

Exercises [listening & vocab]
Now, complete the following exercises in your coursebook:
  • exercise 4: write down the full sentence + extra word

    Do this individually!

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Discuss answers [speaking]
Discuss the answers with a neighbour in English. If you have differences, negotiate the correct answer.

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Writing task
Write a 'for and against essay'
  • A 'for and against essay' is an essay in which you discuss a topic from different angles.
  • Closely follow the instructions in the book.
  • Special point of attention is the use of discourse markers
Submit your writing task as a draft version in Teams. You will only receive feedback if you submit it in time.
Help! What are discourse markers?
Show me an example!

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10 Use of discourse markers [writing prep]
Check out the sample essay and write down all the words that help you to follow the argumentation.

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Type all the words that guide the argumentation in this essay.

Slide 12 - Open vraag

Choose a statement for your 2nd essay
  1. A university education doesn't help prepare people for most jobs. Work experience is much more valuable.
  2. The legal age for driving is too low and should be raised to 21.
  3. Young people do better by staying in their home town rather than moving to a new city.
  4. It is better to work to deadlines that other people set than to set your own deadlines.

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Write your introduction
You are now going to write the introduction to your essay.

The introduction should:
  • make clear what the situation is with regard to your statement. Use an example, own experience, appeal to the reader's experience, a news item you read or heard, etc.
  • state your statement literally

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Write your introduction and post it for discussion [anonymously]

Slide 15 - Open vraag

Write the rest of your essay now. Use the example as a guide.

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