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Northern Ireland
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Northern Ireland

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The famous ship ’Titanic’ was built in Belfast.

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The Troubles

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(45% of population)


Want to unite with Ireland

IRA (Irish Republican Army)
(48% of population) 


Want to be part of UK

UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force)

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The Troubles
Battle of the Bogside- 1969
The escalation of the Civil Rights Movement - and by some believed to be the start of the Troubles - was the Battle of the Bogside, Derry, 1969.
Protestant marchers marched through the mainly Catholic/ Nationalist city of Derry. Massive violence breaks out, and this is by some seen as the start of The Troubles. 
Bloody Sunday - 1972
Bloody Sunday was an incident on 30 January 1972 in the Bogside area of Derry, Northern Ireland. British soldiers shot 28 unarmed civilians during a peaceful protest march against 'internment': throwing people in prison without reason/ trial. Fourteen people died. The Irish band U2 famously wrote a song about this day. 
Good Friday Agreement - 1998
This could be seen as 'the end of The Troubles'. The Irish, Northern Irish and British governments signed an agreement for peace. 
All in all, 3,500 people were killed in the conflict. 52% were civilians, 32% were members of the British security forces, and 16% were members of paramilitary groups.
U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday

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Murals in Belfast

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British Loyalist Mural
Unionist symbolism, Union Jacks

Irish Republican Mural
Irish symbolism & language, green

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In the next exercise you are going to see if you know the difference between a republican mural and a unionist mural.
Good luck!

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Click on the different eyes to see examples of both Loyalist and Republican murals. Then click the picture to enlarge.

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Northern Ireland today
Relatively peaceful
Still 'segregation' in some areas (Peace Walls)
Tourism is generally safe
Beautiful countryside

So.... will Ireland ever be united?

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