Political movements

Political movements
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Political movements

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Learning objectives
  • You're able to explain the concept of political movement
  • You're able to describe the concepts left, right, progressive  
      and conservative
  • You're able to decide for yourself where you stand

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Political movement
A group of people that share the same ideas about how society should be organised

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Parties are either
  • Left- or right-winged
  • Progressive or conservative

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Left- or right-winged
Plays a role in socioeconomic issues. For example:
  • Access to education
  • Tax level
  • Salary of health care workers

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Large government
Small government

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Left or right-winged
  • All people are born equal, but in unequal circumstances
  • Government redistributes taxes from higher incomes to 
      lower incomes (and people are okay with that --> solidarity)
  • This leads to more equality within society

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Left or right-winged
  • People can change their circumstances if they want to
  • Everybody should have as much freedom as possible
  • Everybody has personal responsibility to use that freedom

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Progressive or conservative
Plays a role in cultural/ethical issues. For example:
  • Euthanasia
  • Legalisation of drugs
  • Climate change

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Traditions/ value oriented
Pragmatic: value free

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Progressive or conservative
  • People are perfectly capable of determining their own
      values/making their own decisions (autonomy)
  • All people should have access to all possibilities
  • Focused on improvement

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Progressive or conservative
  • The things are the way they are for a reason (traditions)
  • Other cultures should not influence ours (nationalism)
  • There is a clear distinction between good and evil (values)

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