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Who dis Miss V?
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Who dis Miss V?

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Your opinion matters ✌️
Think about things like: 

The general vibe, quiet or music, style of
teaching from me, not being afraid 
to speak your mind, British or American, 

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What would I like?
- Foremost: an amazing vibe where everyone feels happy and safe to be themselves. 
- There is nothing you cannot say, tell or ask me. Honesty first!
- Concentration is a thing (during explanations). Do you want a teacher that can give good and clear instructions?
- The socials ;)
- Your actions are not your personality
- Student of the week

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Chapter 1        "This is me"
Page 36, exercise 1 + 2: Remembering family members

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Goal of the lesson
1. By the end of the lesson you have learned how to use the verbs  'to be' and 'to have' in two different ways. 

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Who knows what that verb (werkwoord) means? 

- I am Miss V
- you .........such a good friend
- But she sister and he brother, it goat
- And we .........the best class
- and they ........all jealous
- Don't forget you (meervoud) mentorclass

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Enne, what about TO HAVE
I have a red racebike
You ........ blonde hair
He .... 8 pets                                                         
She ...... a parrot
It ........a long tail
We .........many dogs
They ........... a crazy teacher
You ..........a big class this year

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Dat kan korter!

I am wordt ?            
You are wordt ?          
She, he, it is wordt ?                                  
We are wordt ?
They are wordt? 
You are (meervoud) wordt?
Dat kan korter!

I have wordt ?
You have wordt ?
She, he, it has wordt ? 
We have wordt ?
They have wordt?
You have (mv) wordt ?
Practise this in exercise 3+ 4 together

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What is that and why do we need it?

Where can we find it again?

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Lesson for today (14th of Sept)
How was your weekend? Who would like to share?

- What was the SHIT-rule again?
* Who can give an example? 

Check homework: Exercise 3 + 4 (page 37) +
 ex: 10, 11a, 12, 13 (page 40)

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Final countdown...
Goal: get more familiar with counting in English.                   

2. Page 42: Numbers: how do we say them? 
- Exercise 15 (a little bit of Math too)

3. Reading --> Page 44/45/46
Exercise 19c, d and 21

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What's the plan Stan?
 21st of September
Lessongoal: Get familiar with introducing yourself and others

Check homework: Page 44, exercise  19c and d + 21

Page 48, Stone 1

Review words Unit 1 + set date for first SO

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Tuesday, 22st of September:
The alphabet and Present Simple
The alphabet: which letters are tricky tricksters?
Let's try to spell our name. 

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Present Simple: tegenwoordige tijd
What was the Present Simple? Who remembers?

What verbs do you hear that are in the Present Simple?
(for example: go, listen, dance, plays)

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Green grammar
Page 53: Let's go through the green grid together. Try:
exercise 29, 30, 31a, 32

31: Grasmaaien;  mow the grass
Onthou: wanneer je iets doet, aan het eind van de zin
This is for now. You should be able to finish most of it this lesson. 


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lesson today 6th of October
- Repeat: Present Simple 
- WB page 52/53 --> exercise 30, 31a and 32

- Look at the blue stones (page 48 + 64): sentences and W-questions

- Take a look at possessive pronouns (WB 68/69, ex.57)

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- Woordjes op blz 74 en 75 (beide kanten op) en ook de getallen (check blz 42 van je boek)

- Stones (blauwe blokjes met zinnen): leren van Engels naar Nederlands op blz 48 en blz 64

- De W-woorden (who, what, why, when, where and how): Staan verwerkt in de zinnen uit het blauwe blokje op 
  blz 64

- Werkwoorden: to have en to be (WB blz 37, opdracht 3 en 4)

- Present Simple: tegenwoordige tijd: wat is jouw routine? Uitleg in jouw notities + leren WB blz 52/53 en opdracht 30, 31a en 32

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