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What can you call a person who takes responsibility and guides his subordinates to reach the goal of an organization?
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What can you call a person who takes responsibility and guides his subordinates to reach the goal of an organization?

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Chapter 8
Section 8.1: Leadership Qualities
Pages 126- 130

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Describe leadership
Analyze the qualities of a leader
Discuss three ways in which an individual  can develop leadership skills .

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Leadership means taking a company and its employees in a
direction based upon a vision.

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What is taking a company and its employees in a
direction based upon a vision?

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Good leaders manage others by inspiring
them.Explain the statement.

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List the role of leaders other than directing the employees.

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List the qualities of a leader in your class.

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 Initiative is the ability to act and make decisions without the help or advice of others.
 Human relations is the study of how people interact in the workplace and how communication can be
Integrity is an adherence to a code of ethical values such as honesty, loyalty, and fairness. Integrity is the most highly valued quality in a leader

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Recognize the qualities of a leader
A. Activist and theologian Dr .Martin Luther King , Jr delivered many powerful speeches during the civil rights movement .Good leaders have the ability to motivate others to meet their goals. Some do this by inspiring them with their energy, enthusiasm, and charisma as well as their efforts. Name the quality.

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Answer here for A

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B. Suppose you run a student magazine. The latest issue has come back from the printer with a big mistake on the cover. You could sell it as it is ,remove the covers, or send it back to the printer. You could get advice from your worker, but you need to make the final decision. If your decision turns out to be wrong, you must take responsibility for it.

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Answer here for B

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C. Leaders need to listen to people to be informed about what they are doing and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Being able to communicate and discuss employee issues help leaders deal effectively with different situations.

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Answer here for C

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D. Leaders need to set a good example and follow standards. Leaders need to have values such as loyalty, honest and fairness. If they are willing to sacrifice the quality of their product to make a bigger profit ,people are not going to have much faith in their vision.

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Answer here for D.

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A. Motivation
C.Communication Skills

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How can you develop your skills as a leader? Answer by stating true or false
A. By going to a Fitness centre.
B. By joining a club a team ,drama group or a community organization
C. By visiting a park to enjoy scenic beautiful
D. By reading books, watching videos, and taking courses on leadership
E. By taking initiative at school ,at work or in club activities
F. By consulting a doctor or psychologist
G. By working with someone who has leadership ability and studying what he or she does.

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Answer here for the above question.

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How can you develop leadership skills with examples of how
you use them and how to improve them.

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What are the main points of the lesson?

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