Wavelength sound

Wavelength sound
Click on the next slide for an introduction on sound waves.
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Wavelength sound
Click on the next slide for an introduction on sound waves.

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Explain what sound is.

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Explain the difference between sound and vibration.

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Type a few things that were new to you.

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Watch the next clip about sound travelling.

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Have you ever made something like this? If so, please share.

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Do you play any instrument? If so, which?

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What is the best thing that happened to you using your instrument?

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Create your soundgenerator
Now that you know how vibration can create sound, you can create your very own instrument. 
Think of a concept on how to make your soundgenerator using simple material that you may also use at home, such as: 
- elastic, plastic, cardboard, foil, etc. 
Draw your conept on a paper and figure out the amount of material you need. 

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You have to the ability to be very creative in the making. 
You are also allowed to bring material from home. 
These are your instructions:
- max size: a shoe box
- no electronics
- loud enough to the listening ear

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Provided by us
We will provide you the following:
- scissors
- paper
- glue
- glue-gun
- tape
- measuring tools
- and a few more on request if available

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Step 1 
Search for a concept on a soundgenerator online.
Draw your unique kind of soundgenerator.
Make sure you have the necessary measurement in real on paper.
Show this to the science teacher.
For the following week you will gather and save the material you need.

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Step 2
Create your concept of your soundgenerator. 
Test theis while in progress to ensure it's working. 

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What was new to you after building you own soundgenerator?

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