Motivating employees

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Chapter 18
Section 18.2: Motivating Employees, Section 423-428

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1. Explain the assessment  of motivational techniques used to increase performance levels
2. Analyze the training and development given to employees
3. Discuss on dispute resolution techniques 

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Evaluating Employees Motivational techniques 
Motivational techniques used daily will usually yield quick feedback.
You might have to make some adjustments, but you probably
will not have to formally evaluate their effectiveness.

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What are the techniques used to evaluate employee motivational techniques?

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What are the techniques which need company time and resources?
Pay benefit
Reward performance
Performance evaluation
Flextime, quality circle

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Revisit the video if required 
Find the different types of training available.

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Which among this is a training that takes place away from the location of the job?
Job rotation
Vestibule Training
on the job training

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Programs delivered through the Internet or the company’s Intranet ensure
that the information presented is the same for each trainee.
Job rotation
Classroom teaching
Web based instruction
Conferences and seminars

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Employees receive one-on-one assistance from an established employee to
help them get oriented within the organization and develop their potential.What training is this?

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What is job rotation?

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Discuss as a group on dispute resolution method.

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Resolution Dispute Techniques 
In the end, the only realistic way to deal with a problem may be
through disciplinary action. This may include docking an employee’s
pay or termination (firing). Neither situation is easy for anyone involved, and both should be handled tactfully

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What are important elements of the lesson?

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