Cambridge class 7 - Writing part 2 emails/letters

Cambridge English - class 7
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Cambridge English - class 7

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Class work
  • Explanation writing part 2
  • Focus on emails/letters

Writing part 2

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  • Understand and practise Writing part 2

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Part 2
What is it?     A choice of four questions. The answer students have to write will be one of the following: article, email/letter, essay, review, story.

What do you have to practise?             Writing different types of text: articles, essays, letters/emails, reviews. Depending on the question, students will have to advise, compare, describe, explain, express opinions, justify and/or recommend something.

  • 140 - 190 words

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Part 2: emails/letters
How to prepare? 
Read a lot!

Practise grammar, vocabulary, formal language, linking words. 

Practise how to conduct and email/letter appropriately.

Practise recognizing the difference between formal and informal language. 

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Part 2: emails/letters
How to act? 

Ask yourself
1. What do I have to include in my email/letter?
analyse the letter you've received and underline all information that is important
2. Who is going to read it? 
are you writing to a friend, teacher and someone else

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Part 2: emails/letters
How to act? 

Conducting your email
1. start with an appropriate salutation 
Hi Emma, (informal)
Dear Mr Johnson, (formal) 
Dear Sir/Madam, (formal, if you do not know the name of the person you are writing to)
2. begin your letter appropriately
How are you? It was great hearing from you. 
I am writing in regards to the advertisement which I found in the Daily Telegraph of 3 May 2018. 

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Part 2: emails/letters
How to act? 

Conducting your email
3. Topic paragraphs

Divide up the things you want to discuss logically into seperate paragraphs. 
Use (formal) linking words to construct a nice letter/email. 

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Part 2: emails/letters
How to act? 

Conducting your email
4. Final paragraph: write a natural ending to your letter
Well, that's all. Have fun at your friend's party. I hope we will talk soon. 
Thank you in advance for considering my application. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
5. Closure
 Best wishes, / Kind regards, (informal)
Yours faithfully, / Yours sincerely, (formal) 

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What to do?
  • Click on each link in the following slides, do the exercises, make a printscreen of the work, and hand these in via 

  • Do the writing assignment from the sample paper. You can also find this in the next slide. 

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End of the class
Today you have:
- practised writing part 2: emails/letters

Homework: finish 'What to do'
Next class: Writing part 2 - reviews

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