Diary of a Wimpy kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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- Lesson goals
- Recap Big Shot
- Hot seat game

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Lesson goals
At the end of this lesson...
- you can guess the characters based on the descriptions given.
- you can ask/ answer specific questions about the characters.

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Who remembers something
from the Big Shot book?

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Gregg Heffley
- Main character
- Loner
- In middle school

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Dhruv Patel
- Coach (Basketball)
- Antagonist

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Preet Patel
- Son of coach
- Same team as Greggs'
- Best player in the team
- In middle school

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- Little brother of Gregg
- Toddler

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Extra characters

Gregg's parents: 
Susan and Frank

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Hot seat game
What: One person is chosen to be a character from Big Shot. The others need to come up with questions to ask the character. 
How: In front of the class, speech.
Time: 10 minutes
Done: After you have found the characters identity, the next student will act as another character. 

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End of lesson

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