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Today's objective 
To understand the difference between different conditional types 0, 1, & 2.
How to make and when to use these conditional types.

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Voorwaarde - condition

If/ When the door bell rings,

 "IF" part 

Is the clause (bijzin) 

Gevolg - result

the dog barks.

The other part 

Is the main sentence (hoofdzin)

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Type 0 
This always happens, it is always true (Het is altijd zo)
If/ when + present simple, present simple.

If/ when it rains, the ground gets wet.
The ground gets wet if it rains.
When the door bell rings, the dog barks.

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First conditional - Type 1

If I eat all this chocolate, I will get fat. 
If he doesn't hurry, he will be late. 

Have both things already happened?

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 First conditional - Type 1
If + present simple, will + verb 

If you leave now, you won't be late.
If the weather gets better, we will go for a picnic.
He will wash your car if you ask him to.

We use it to talk about what we expect to happen in the future.

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Second conditional - Type 2
If I had a car, I would drive all my friends around

Do I have a car? 

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Second conditional - type 2
If + past simple, would + verb

If he had the money, he would buy a sports car.

Used to talk about imaginary situations or something highly unlikely.
Let op: If I were him, I would go to the party.

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If I ....   (go) out tonight, I ....  (go) to the cinema. 

If you ...  (get) back late, I ...  (be) angry.

If we .... (eat) all this cake, we ... (feel) sick.

She ... (stay) in London if she ...  (find)
a job.
Complete the first conditional sentences
Will go
will be
will feel
will stay

Slide 11 - Sleepvraag

If I go out, I will go to the cinema.
If you get back late, I will be angry.
If we eat all the cake, we will feel sick.
She will stay in London if she finds a job.

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First conditional:
I ... (stay) home if it ... (rain).
stay - will rain
stay - rains
will stay - rains
will stay - rain

Slide 13 - Quizvraag

First conditional:
If I ... (have) enough money, I ... (buy) new shoes.
have - will buy
will have - buy
have - buy
will have - will have

Slide 14 - Quizvraag

First conditional:
If I ....... (go) out tonight, I ....... (go) to the cinema.
go / 'll goes
go / 'll go
go / will go
go / will goes

Slide 15 - Quizvraag

Fill in the first conditional:
If she ..... (go) on holiday this summer, she ..... (go) to Spain.
(only missing words, no comma)

Slide 16 - Open vraag

First conditional: If I (not/go) to bed soon, I
(be) tired in the morning.
(use a contraction, missing words only, no comma)

Slide 17 - Open vraag

I know how to use the 1st conditional

Slide 18 - Poll

Choose the correct answers
for these second conditionals

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Second conditional:
If they ...(tell) their father, he ...(be)
very angry.
told / would be
tell / would be
told / will be

Slide 20 - Quizvraag

Second conditional:
We .......................(not, to be) lost if we .............(to have) a map.
would be, have
wouldn't be, had
would not be, have
were not, would have

Slide 21 - Quizvraag

Fill in the missing words:
I .....................(to send) her a postcard, if I ..................(to know) her address.

Slide 22 - Open vraag

Fill in the missing words - no contractions:
If he .............(not, to talk) so quickly, I ..............(to understand) him better

Slide 23 - Open vraag

If I woke up on a desert island,

Slide 24 - Open vraag

We form the second conditional with....
if + past simple, would + verb
if + present simple, would + past simple
If + past perfect, would + verb
If + past simple, would + past simple

Slide 25 - Quizvraag

Practice and do now:
CB p. 91 ex. 1,2,3,4

Finished ? 

Week task on peppels!

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Check your knowledge:
We use the second conditional to...
talk about certain situations in our future
talk about imaginary situations in the future
talk about real situations at present
talk about imaginary situations in our past

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