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Today's plan
  • Project! 

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Writing a letter

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How do you start a letter/email?
1. Dear [Name]
This email greeting is an appropriate salutation for formal email correspondence. Example: “Dear Sam” or “Dear Sam Barney or Dear Mr. Barney,”
2. Hi or Hello
 this is considered an informal greeting, it
3. Hi everyone, Hi team, or Hi [department name] team.
This is also an informal greeting

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What do I put in the paragraphs? 
Paragraph 1 (introduction): Greet the other, ask how they are, explain the reason of writing 

Paragraph 2(body): Include the main requirements in this part

Paragraph 3(conclusion): Share your hopes/wishes for the other person, include requirements you haven't included yet.  

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How do you end an email
Closing statement:

  • We look forward to working with you in the future.
  • I hope to see you soon.
  • Wishing you well.
How do you end an email?
(Kind) regards,
All the best,
Thank you,
(Yours) faithfully,
(Yours) sincerely,

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Where do we always use capital letters?

  1. To start a sentence
  2. For the word I
  3. Proper nouns: A person's first name, The names of countries, nationalities, and languages
  4. Days, months, and holidays
  5. Acronyms: ID/CEO


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Common mistakes (A/An)
A gebruik je voor woorden die beginnen met een medeklinker:
- A woman
- A shoe
AN gebruik je voor woorden die beginnen met een klinker
- An apple
- An egg
Maar ook als een klinker klinkt als een medeklinker:
- ''u'' klinkt als ''you'' -> A university
- ''o'' klinkt als ''w'' -> A one-room apartment 
Maar ook als een medeklinker,klinkt als een klinker:
-  een stomme ''h'' -> an hour
- een afkorting -> an NBC reporter

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Some other common mistakes
your vs you're
Where vs were
Then vs Than

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Write your own email

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You do it by yourself! 
If not: You will receive an O and an immediate 1 for your upcoming test.
You have the whole lesson to finish your paper.
Good luck!

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Hand it in through teams

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