Theatre Haarlemmermeer Lyceum

Haarlemmermeer Lyceum
Mevrouw Tangerman
Mrs van Pelt
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Haarlemmermeer Lyceum
Mevrouw Tangerman
Mrs van Pelt

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           Brugklas - first year
Immersion camp - SHOW NIGHT!

Basic acting skills


Making your own character

Learn to use theatre lights and sound

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Exam classes
You can choose theatre in
 4 havo/4 vwo

Students take part in practical projects and perform pieces.  
('speelstijlen' 'doelgroepvoorstelling' 'monologen' 'eigen regie')

Do your exam in 5 havo/6vwo!

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Theatre group & talent show
Join us from first year
Performances/show us your talent
Improving your English
Making friends!

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        Pak je mobieltje, ga naar:
Doe mee

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Lesson up
Use your own name - so we know who you are!

It's fine to talk in Dutch - but let's try some English too

Microphone on, the teacher will tell when it's your turn to speak

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Introduce yourself 

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Facial expressions!
Body language!

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The teacher will give you a title of a fairytale.
Pick one character of this fairytale and an emotion that fits with this character. Also...grab a costume/prop out of your house!
What can you add to make it more creative?!

You have 1 minute to become this character!
 Remember facial expressions!

What can you add to make it more creative?


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What did you enjoy
most about the

Slide 12 - Woordweb

Thank you for joining us!

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