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Goodmorning VT21

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3 nov 2020

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Are you

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Thanks to what law are we allowed to criticize religion?

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Do you think everyone should be allowed to criticize religion?

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Krantenkop ''Met ruim 750.000 verkochte exemplaren heeft hij zelfs de nummer een, Darth Vader, van de troon gestoten.''

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What is this lesson about?
1. Criticism of the Catholic church.
2. The church splits.
3. A part of the Luther movie
Par. 3.5 A rift in the Church

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Objectives of this lesson
1. Learning about misstaps in the Catholic church around the year 1500.
2. Learning why Luther split with the Catholic church.
3. Getting a picture of the origin of Protestantism.


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1. Criticism of the Catholic church

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Most Europeans around 1500 were member of the Catholic church?

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The protestant church existed before 1500.

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The Catholic church was lead by one man. What was he called?

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Many people had criticized the church
  • Your task is to figure out what the Catholic church was critized for.  
  • A monk, named Martin Luther visited Rome in 1511. He we shocked about what he saw. What misstaps did he see? 

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What was M. Luther
shocked about?

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Martin Luther, monk. 
Jullius II, pope.

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Luther wrote to the pope
He did not agree with that:
  1. The selling of indulgences for the rebuilding of the St. Peters Basilica in Rome. 
  2. Cherly did not live simple, sober lives (they enjoyed wealth and luxury and lived in big expensive houses).
  3. Heretics were brutelly tortured and killed.
  4. The pope made his own laws and did not follow the Bible. 

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Indulgence= document to buy your way into heaven.

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The sellers of indulgences said:
''As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the soul from purgatory (hell) springs.''

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1. Criticism of the Catholic church

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2. The church splits
Pope didn't listen to Luther -> effect= Luther writes 95 theses (stellingen) hoping to change the church.

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Luthers 95 theses spread fast. What invention enabled this spread?

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The pope didn't accept Luthers opinion.
He ordered Luther to take everything back -> Luther didn't and burned the pope's letter -> The pope ordered everyone to capture or kill Luther. 

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Followers  of Luther
Were called protestants

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Was Belgium protestant?

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Were the northern Netherlands protestant?

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Calvin was another important protestant. He was even more strict than Luther. 

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