Holocaust in pictures

Holocaust in pictures

Images speak louder than their voices. 
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Holocaust in pictures

Images speak louder than their voices. 

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What do you know about the Holocaust?

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Lesson Goals
  • You will see how the holocaust was organised
  • You will learn about the 10 phases of Genocide (volkerenmoord) 
  • You will be able to analyse pictures to retrieve information. 
  • You are able to shift in perpective in your analysis

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  • First step in the process of genocide.
  • Jews were a part of Dutch society, but by propaganda campaigns (Goebbels) the hatred against Jews was organised, using prejudice (VOOROORDELEN) 
  • Slowly Jews were put out of society, made a seperate group. 

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  • Prejudice is followed by discriminating laws. 
  • Immediately after Nazi occupation anti- Jewish Laws are introduced. 
  • Daily life for Jews gets complicated: they were sacked, not allowed to walk in parks, be in public trnasport, walk on the pavement. 
  • Jews and not-Jews were set up against eachother. 

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  • from May 1942 Jews were obligated to wear the David Star
  • (6 years and older!) 
  • Visible who is Jewish (shaming) 
  • Exclusion of Jews becomes easier

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  • Arresting Jews was prepared, organised and executed by the Germans and Dutch police (!)
  • Also help from Dutch civilians (money for betrayal)  Collaboration

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  • Iedereen met één of meer joodse grootouders is joods, ook al voel je dat niet (meer).
  • Vrijheid ingeperkt door discriminerende wetten.

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De- humanisation
- Jews were seen as inferior.
- All belongings were stolen from them .
- Contacts with non-Jews were prohibited.
- Entertainment or sports was prohibited for Jews.
By no longer seeing Jews as human beings, it was easier to kill them.

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  • Jews were forced to live in a ghetto: separate from non-Jews.
  • After registration Jews had to report themselves daily for the Jewish Council. Razzia's were held: rounding up Jewish families that didn't report. 
  • From the list names were selected for deportation to Westerbork. But first they were held prison in the Hollandse Schouwburg (near Artis) . 

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  • Genocide aims to destroy an entire population. 
  • Also children, disabled persons and elderly were victims.

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  • All previous led to murder. 
  • In  July 1942 the murder on (Dutch) Jews starts in concentration- and destructioncamps. 
  • After arrival most of the 140.000 Jews were instantly gassed. Other were forced to work until death. 
  • Warning! following pictures might be shocking! 

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-Of the approximately 140,000 Jews in the Netherlands, 
107,000 were deported, 
of which only 5,200 returned alive: 
about 95 percent of them 
did not survive the Holocaust. 
-About 75% of the Jews living in Amsterdam 
did not survive the Holocaust.
-NL had the highest number of Jewish victims in Europe. 

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- To this day there are people who deny the Holocaust (= forbidden by law).
- During/after the war the perpetrators tried to cover their tracks. Fled to Argentinia
- Many survivors therefore see it as their duty to tell their story.
- In addition, every diary, document and photo is evidence of the existence of the Holocaust. Education is key. 

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