Past simple vs past perfect

Past perfect
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Past perfect

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Have a look

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Welke tijden worden hier gebruikt?

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This lesson...
  1. Go through the questions.
  2. You will find pictures/videos that will help you out with this tense.
  3. Choose which ones you need to understand the tense better.
  4. Do all the exercises though.

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How do you make the past perfect?

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Zet de juiste signaalwoorden bij de juiste tijd!
Past simple
Past perfect
10 years ago
in 1999
last month

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My aunt flew to Paris last year. She ___ (never / go) on a plane before that.

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The thieves _____ (already / spend) the money when the police
_________ (catch) them.

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She ___ (not/want) to go to the cinema because she ____ (already/see) the film.

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My students __ (raise) some money after they ___ (see) a documentary on TV about Africa.

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By the time I met John, he _______ (leave) college.

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Our teacher ____(give) us extra homework because we ______ (not finish) our essays.

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We ________ (know) her address because she _______ (tell) us.

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Fix the mistake:
It was half past three and we still haven't eaten lunch.

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Choose the correct sentence
He felt very ill because he didn't sleep well.
I had just bought a dress when a thief stealed my bag.
My father had lost his glasses and he couldn’t read the newspaper.
The car stopped because we had ran out of petrol.

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Tell me what you have learned about the past simple and the past perfect

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Pick your next work (until we play the vocab game):
  1. Cambridge exercises in Teams, startpagina, choose your exercise.
  2. Do more exercises on past perfect on the next slides.
  3. Watch an online video in English to practise your listening skills.
  4. Use to practise listening and vocabulary.

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If you need or want it!

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