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Silent reading
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In deze les zitten 14 slides, met interactieve quiz, tekstslides en 2 videos.

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Silent reading

Slide 1 - Tekstslide

Set up of debate
Concluding the debate
Groups and topics

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Set up of debate
Each team - 3/4 members
Judge -> class votes

Presentations - 2 minutes per team
Rebuttal - 2 minutes per team
Summary and conclusion - 2 minutes per team

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In more detail:
Affirmative team presents first
Negative team presents second

Affirmative team presents rebuttal first
Negative team presents rebuttal second

Negative team presents summary and conclusion first
Affirmative team presents summary and concusion second

Slide 4 - Tekstslide

First presentation:
  • Clearly state your positions and substantiate with arguments
  • Refute (prove false) the arguments of your opponent, or give counter-arguments.
Summary and conclusion:
  • State your most important points and conclude

Slide 5 - Tekstslide

Timekeeper: obviously keeps track of time (2 minutes), but also gives sign when 30 seconds are left.

Judges: which team had the most convincing argument?

Slide 6 - Tekstslide

Concluding the debate
Class takes part in poll (either in LessonUp or with red/green cards?)

The timekeeper announces the winner
The winner thanks the opposition
The opposition congratulates the winner

Slide 7 - Tekstslide

Which team convinced you with their arguments?
Affirmative team
Negative team

Slide 8 - Poll

Some basic rules
  • Agree to disagree:
  • Remember, your opponent may not personally agree with the statement they are supporting
  • You may not interrupt a speaker
  • Everyone in the team speaks (eg share a 2 min slot)

Slide 9 - Tekstslide

The nitty gritty
Should transgender people compete in their own gender categories?
  • Affirmative team: 
  • Negative team: 

Should meat consumption be banned?
  • Affirmative team: 
  • Negative team: B

Should a dress code be enforced in school?
  • Affirmative: 
  • Negative: 

Slide 10 - Tekstslide

What next?
Research and prepare for the debate!
Work together
Don't forget to research what your opposition will say

Date for debate:

Slide 11 - Tekstslide

Do we need a basic example?
Or a bad example?

Slide 12 - Tekstslide

Slide 13 - Video

Slide 14 - Video