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UNIT 4: Financial control in Hospitality
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UNIT 4: Financial control in Hospitality

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Purpose of assignment
- To understand the principles of goods selection in hospitality
- To gain more knowledge of the different criteria of goods
(suitability, purpose, new- or second-hand)
- To investigate the financial constraints and physical considerations a business has to consider (access, delivery, storage)
- To explore the different types of upkeep (maintenance, replacement, service agreements) and to learn more about contract and terms conditions

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"As a hospitality student and future supervisor or manager it is important to have knowledge  of goods selection in the hospitality industry."

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What do you think the principles of goods selection are?

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Task 1
3 hospitality businesses
fast food, small restaurant, hotel

 Interview the hospitality managers

Turn the information you collect  into a video log

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The video log needs to include per hospitality business;

1. Introduction of the business
2. Introduction of the interviewee
3. Examples of goods that are bought for the business
4. Selection criteria that influences the purchase decision
5. Summary of the interview questions and answers

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What elements did you see in the video?

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Group activity - 30 min.
Three groups

You are going to look up the definition of four different criteria of goods selection and give a description in your own words.
What is it and why is this important when selecting goods?

--> Put the information in a Word document <--

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Group 1
1. Specification
2. Suitability for purpose
3. New/ second hand
4. Financial constraints

Harm, Isa Faber, Marloes

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Group 2
1. Availability
2. Lead time
3. Physical consideration
4. Upkeep

Harriëtte, Isa Wartena, Jeanette, Sofhia

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Group 3
1. Terms and conditions
2. Quality of goods
3. Use of appropriate communication
4. Contracts

Laura, Minke, Silva

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Next week...

Think about three hospitality businesses that you could use for this task!
(fast food, small restaurant, hotel)

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