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Speaking exam: overview
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Speaking exam: overview

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Speaking part 1

Watch the  videos on Gold  Speaking test 1 - video 1.1 and 1.2

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Speaking part 1: sample questions
In pairs, discuss these questions. Answer two from each category.
Then give peer feedback.

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Speaking part 2 - long turn
Watch the instruction videos on Resources Gold Speaking test 1 - 1.3 and 1.4

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Speaking part 2 - long turn
These photographs show people taking risks in different situations.
I'd like you to compare the two photographs and say which person you think is taking the most risks.
Gold Unit 11 p 119
Listen to example answer

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Speaking part 2 language


Both photos show..
The first picture...whereas the second picture...

They seem/ appear to be
It looks like/ as if (they are)...
I am fairly certain they are...
As far as I can see...
I'd imagine they are...

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Exam practice
  1. What topic are both photos connected to?
  2. How are these pictures similar?
  3. How are these pictures different?
  4. What are advantages and disadvantages of each of these means of transport?
  5. How do people in your country travel?
  6. Which means of transport would you prefer to travel by? 

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Speaking part 2 topic work

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speaking part 2 topic 

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Speaking criteria

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Speaking assessment

  • Grammar and Vocabulary
range of simple and complex grammatical forms.
a range of appropriate vocabulary to give and exchange views 
  • Discourse Management (Part 2 long turn)
speak for a longer stretch of time with very little hesitation
contributions are relevant and there is a clear organisation of ideas.
a range of cohesive devices and discourse markers. 
  • Pronunciation
intelligible ( verstaanbaar), your intonation is appropriate, sentence and word stress are accurately placed, clear articulation
  • Interactive Communication
start a conversation and respond appropriately to what the other candidate says.
maintain and develop the interaction and negotiate towards an outcome. 
Global achievement Overall performance 

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Speaking part 3 topic environment

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Speaking part 3 topic community

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