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Rules of our Thinkroom
  • use hand raise feature incase you have any doubt or query
  • Keep your books , notebooks and stationery items with you during the class
  • don't use the chat box
  • respect others

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  • brainstorm to identify the main message of the drama
  • read the drama with correct pronunciation and intonation
  • answer the given questions to comprehend the given given text

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Give one word for the given image.

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Read and analyse the given situation

Sunil and his family are on a remote island for a trip but accidently were left alone and ship left with other families. They have no means of returning home immediately. They have to wait for at least ten days before the next ship comes.

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a) How do you think Sunil and his family will feel being left alone on a deserted island?

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b) How do you think Sunil and his family will manage their supplies for the ten days?

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c) What might happen if Sunil and his family run out of supplies?

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How would it be if a similar thing happened to all of us living on Earth?

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What are the effects of pollution?

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Into the Future
The Green Planet

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Q-Which option is closest in meaning to "agenda"
a list of items to buy from the shop
a list of names displayed
a list of items to be discussed at a formal meeting.
a list of materials needed to make a dish

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What according to Woo, everyone needs to eat to survive further?

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"The Earth is dry." Do you think it is possible in future that we have no water left on earth?

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Q- 1.let's meet the President of Earth.He is from South Africa.In this sentence " he" refers to_____.

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Q-Which deal has been fixed by the Earthlings with the Martians?
Earthlings have to be inside their homes
Earthlings have to follow Martian's rules
Earthlings have to stay on Mars forever
Earthlings have to clean their planet Earth

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Why did the president stare at Bina?

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Q-What steps according to Woo, have been taken up by Martians to keep their planet neat and green?

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Home Assignment

Complete Word Origin ON Page NO:140

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Success Criteria :Now I CAN
read the drama with correct pronunciation and intonation
answer the given questions to comprehend the given given text
Strongly Agree
Note sure

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