Stepping Stones VWO 3 Theme 4

Stepping Stones 4: After school 
In this chapter you practise with listening, speaking and writing about professions, hobbies and passions. The grammar subjects of this chapter are: past simple + present perfect, present simple  + present continuous and object + infinitive.
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Stepping Stones 4: After school 
In this chapter you practise with listening, speaking and writing about professions, hobbies and passions. The grammar subjects of this chapter are: past simple + present perfect, present simple  + present continuous and object + infinitive.

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What's your view on your future career?
Living to work
Working to live

Slide 3 - Poll

The most important aspect of my future job is:
a big paycheck

Slide 4 - Poll

What size of employment contract would you prefer (future job)?
Full time
4 days a week
3 days a week
2 days a week
1 day a week
No work at all

Slide 5 - Poll

What's your dream job?

Slide 6 - Open vraag

Dream jobs
You going to watch a video on 10 dream jobs.

Write down all the mentioned professions and what they entail.

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Speaking assignment
In groups of 3: discuss in English the following questions about the video:
1.  Which is the most hilarious job (explain)?
2. Which job would you seriously consider doing (explain)?
3. Which job sounds quite lonely (explain)?
4. Which job doesn't require any education or skills (explain)?
5. Which of the jobs would  you never consider doing (explain)?

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Past simple
Present Perfect

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Deduct the rules
1. Yesterday we saw a beautiful film on the Great War.
2. She has been a teacher for over ten years now.
3. WW II started for the USA in 1941, with the attack on Pearl Harbor. 
4. I broke my arm when I was six years old.
5. Last Friday I went out with friends.
6. I have always thought that cats are smarter than dogs.
7.  Tom has finished 15 exercises so far.
8.  In prehistoric times dinosaurs walked the earth.

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past simple versus present perfect
Past Simple                    > tijdsbepaling (!)
                                             > de activiteit is begonnen en geëindigd in het verleden
                                             > vragen met: "When"

Present Perfect            > de activiteit is in het verleden begonnen en nog 
                                                 steeds aan de gang.
                                             > de activiteit is beëindigd, maar resultaat is in het
                                                 heden merkbaar.
                                             > vragen met "How many times/ How often"

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  1. I can't send you an email, my laptop has broken.             (activity in the past, but result now)
  2. Yesterday we visited our grandmother.                                 (activity in the past + time indication)
  3. I have been to Rome three times.                                             (up till now/ so far three times)
  4. Mary worked for a phone company. when she was 18.  (activity in the past+ time indication)
  5. Last weekend we went to Amsterdam                                   (activity in the past+ time indication)
  6. I have always loved reading books.                                         (activity still going on)
  7. I've made tea. Would you like a cup?                                       (activity in the past, but result now)
  8. I painted the living room last spring.                                       (activity in the past + time indication)  

Tip: If you ask the question "When did ....?" and you get a clear answer from the sentence: 
It is the past simple!

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Use a present perfect when .....
F      for                                  I have lived in Zwolle for 18 years now.
    yet                                 I have't done my homework yet.
N     never                            I have never seen such a beautiful flower.
E      ever                               Have you ever heard of Mozart?
J      just                                 I have just seen the new Bond film.
A     already, always         Have you already done your homework?
S     since, so far                I have lived in Zwolle since 2002.

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Pay attention!
     for                         I have lived in Zwolle for 18 years now.
         --->     refers to an amount of time
                                        We have studied Literature for 5 hours!

S      since                   I have lived in Zwolle since 2002.
         --->     refers to the start of an action/situation
                                        We have studied Literature since 10 o'clock.

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Slide 20 - Video

Slide 21 - Video

Extra practice

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Who has experienced stage fright in their lives? (For example for a performance or presentation.)
A few times

Slide 24 - Poll

Has it gotten any better with time/age?

Slide 25 - Poll

Stage fright
You're going to watch a video on stage fright.

Take notes! There will be a quiz afterwards.

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Slide 27 - Video

Why do people suffer from stage fright?
They didn't practise enough beforehand.
They are afraid for their reputations.
Because the audience is so mean and scary.

Slide 28 - Quizvraag

What are the symptoms of stage fright mentioned in the video?
sweaty palms, racing heart, knots in stomach.
Sweaty armpits, dry mouth, trembling legs
racing heart, dizziness, black out

Slide 29 - Quizvraag

The fight or flight response is ...
a game humans like to play when they are nervous.
an ancient response that doesn't listen to reason.
a response all animals have when under attack.

Slide 30 - Quizvraag

Stage fright makes it difficult for you to read your notes.

Slide 31 - Quizvraag

Three things you can do to combat stage fright (according to the video)
Talk to experts, practise a lot and laugh out loud.
Accept your failure, drink beer and dance.
See things in perspec-tive, practise a lot and breath deeply.

Slide 32 - Quizvraag

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Present simple
Deze vorm gebruik je om aan te geven dat iets nooit, regelmatig of altijd gebeurd.

On Mondays I have tennis practice.                         --> altijd
I visit my grandmother once a week.                       --> regelmatig
I never watch Goede tijden, slechte tijden.          --> nooit

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Present Continuous
Deze vorm gebruik je om aan te geven dat iets nu aan de gang is of dat iets irriteert.

Stop fidgeting!. It makes me nervous.                       --> irritatie
She's sleeping. Don't disturb her.                                --> aan het
We're watching (binging) a new Netflix-series      --> aan het

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Extra practice

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What are you truly passionate about?

Slide 39 - Open vraag

Could you make a living out of it?

Slide 40 - Poll

Slide 41 - Video

What question do you think Steve Jobs was answering in the video?

Slide 42 - Open vraag

Slide 43 - Video

Here are some words from the Steve Job videos:
a sustained period of time           remarkable
to persevere                                        to be convinced
employee                                              to settle for something
to diverge
to be rejected                                     
 Find their meanings and learn
them for next class.

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Objective plus infinitive
Objective = lijdend voorwerp
Infinitive = infinitief, hele werkwoord

I told you to do your homework!
I warned you not to be impolite to an old lady.
They would like me to help them.
He asked her to marry him.
Word order:
Subject- verb- object - infinitive

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Exception to the rule!!!!
After let, make and verbs of perception (hear, smell, feel, see, etc) the word order is:

Tom made the little girl smile.
I won't let you stay up all night.
I felt the sun burn on my skin.
I saw a man pick a lock from a bicycle.

Subject- verb- object - infinitive without to

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Speaking assignment Stones
Yda - Frederique - Iris                                         Thijs Z. -  Tim-Jan - Stan
Julius - Siebren - Joppe
Simon - Jorrit - Lara
Tamara - Zoë - Jade
Myrthe - Eline - Floor
Noah - Thijs E - Joran
Esmee - Brechtje
Dyarno - Sven - Ivar

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1. Pupil 1: question, Pupil 2: time; Pupil 3: answer 
2. Take turns (everyone needs to answer each question)
3. Answers need to last for at least 30 seconds per question.
4. Assess each other's performance; 1 tip and 1 top
     Think of:    - speaker used Stones; -  used great vocab,- 
                           strong grammar, - good explanations, - great 
                           fluency, - good pronunciation 

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1. What do you get up to in your  sparetime?
                                             > When did you start doing this?
                                             > What is it that you love most about it?
2. Do you have a job? (If not, what kind of -part-time- job would you want?)
                                             > What do you need to do? When? How many hours?
                                             > How much does it pay?
3. How much allowance do you get and what do you spend it on?
                                              > Do you spend money easily?
                                              > Do you also save money? What for?

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