The Sounds of The Style

The Sounds of The Style
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The Sounds of The Style

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Which emoji best describes how you are feeling today

Slide 2 - Poll

Who are the traditional owners of the land that you are working on today?
The Wurundjeri people
The Wathaurong people
The Wadawurrung people
TheWoiwurrung people

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Today you are going to select your song and start choreographing 

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What are we doing today? 
Learning Intention:
Students will be able to select their song for their choreography of their style specific CAT

Success Criteria: 
I can understand my style and select a piece of music that fits the style
I can begin to choreograph some movement to my selected piece of music

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What is your style?

Slide 6 - Open vraag

What to consider?
Research some popular songs that are used in the style
Explore some professionally choreographed numbers to see what kind of music they use- So you think you can dance is a great resource!
Do not choose a song that uses an offensive or inappropriate content, remember this is a style specific task and not a personal style task. 

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List any song suggestions here

Slide 8 - Woordweb

Come back to the Zoom to ask for some extra suggestions or advice from Miss R-B and Miss Jensen! We can help :)

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Cast a vote and write down each
group member's choice in the boxes provided
(tally up the votes and select your song)

Slide 10 - Woordweb

Now that you have chosen your song, message Miss R-B on showbiz to let her know what song you will be using!

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Have you completed your work and submitted to Showbie?
Still working on it
Im doing that right now

Slide 12 - Quizvraag

It's time to start choreographing!

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You will as a GROUP create some choreography, between 20 seconds and 1 minute. 
This choreography will not be a group performance - instead you will teach the class the choreography you have created!

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Where to get started?
You might like to start by breaking down the music into sections, such as the introduction, verses and Breaks 
Think about where you might like to choreograph up to as a way of time keeping. You can cut the music to this time using tools such as garage band or audacity or you can simply fade the music. 
You could use your music breakdown to seperate the choreography - assigning one person to a section ect or you could work through together from the beginning to the end

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If you run out of time!
If you run out of time to start choreographing today do not worry! we will be continuing to work on the choreography in the next class 
You just need to send your music choice to showbiz by the end of today! 

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Which Emoji best describes how much you enjoyed this lesson?

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