1.1 The First Humans

1. The Age of Hunters and Farmers
1.1 The first humans

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1. The Age of Hunters and Farmers
1.1 The first humans

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What is this lesson about?
Some people believe that a god or gods created the first humans. Scientists say that it took millions of years before people evolved into what we are now. 
Archaeologists and palaeontologists have found bones of the first humans in Africa. Modern humans are called Homo sapiens and they didn’t stay living in Africa. Instead they spread all over the world.

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Which Age are we studying in this Unit?

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What you will learn in 
this lesson
  • the definition of the evolution theory
  • what the "Out of Africa" theory means
  • how to read the family tree of modern humans
  • explain what palaeontologists and archaeologists do

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Word Duty

1.1 First humans

Fossils: remains of plants or animals that are preserved in stone
Scientist: someone who studies a science, for instance history or biology
Creation narrative: a story that says God created man and the rest of the world
Theory of evolution: theory written by Charles Darwin to explain the way species change
Excavation: process by which you uncover something through digging away the earth that covers it
Palaeontologist: someone who studies ancient life on the planet
Archaeologist: someone who digs up remains to investigate human activity in the past
Tool: an object held in one hand to accomplish a task
Out of Africa theory: theory of beliefs that modern man evolved in Africa and then migrated t
other areas in the world

Link to WRTS wordlist for all the other difficult words: WRTS HISTORY


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6a. In your textbook, read "the origins of humans" (p.8)
Create a correct English sentence with these words:

by a god / humans / people believed / created / at first / were

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6b. In your textbook, read "Where do humans come from" (p.9)
Create a correct English sentence with these words:

Adam and Eve / is the story of / of a creation narrative / a famous example

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7. What is a creation narrative?

It is a story that says....

humans were created by scientists
God was created by humans
God was created by scientists
humans were created by God

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8. In your textbook, read "Theory of evolution".

Drag the missing words to the correct place in the text.

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9. Go to the website in the previous slide.
Then click on ‘what is the job of an archaeologist?’ and read the text.

Use the information to make the correct combinations


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10. In your textbook, read "Out of Africa" (p.9)

Describe the Out of Africa theory in your own words.

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Write down one question about something from this lesson that you find difficult.

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