Chapter 1 - Lesson 2 - Introduction to Nigeria / Paragraph 1

Chapter 1 - Nigeria 
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Chapter 1 - Nigeria 

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Today's Lesson 
To do:

- Workbook questions last class 
- Explanation GNP 
- Work in workbook 


- Which landscapes, climates and population groups exist in Nigeria? 
- Causes of conflict in a multicultural society

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Lesson up Rules
1. Use your real name when logging in 
2. Make sure your answers aren't rude, offensive or a joke
3. It is okay if someone makes a mistake. We are all learning
4. Ask questions if you are unsure of what to do! 
5. Let me know if it is not working on your phone.

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What is Nollywood?

Slide 4 - Open vraag

Why is Nollywood so popular in Africa?

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Money and wealth in Nigeria
Gross National Product
Total production of goods and services
in a country in one year --> Money

Divide by population to get an average
of the wealth per person. 
(Keep in mind, just an average!)

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Economy Nigeria
Unstable due 
to oil.

Large differences
in income from
oil and other

2020 because..? 

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Compare the pictures. Is there a link?

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Is there a link between climate and income? What do you think?

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Task - workbook
1. Stay in de online class but muted.  
Link to video will be placed in chat / magister for help. 
 Workbook A – Page 5: Question: 3 and W3 (Use internet to find maps about vegetation in Nigeria)
Workbook A – Page 6 and 7 - Question 7,8,9

Use the maps from the video or find some yourself online 

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