2.2 (un)countable nouns

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Welcome B1K
Please take your seat
Put your phone and earbuds in your bag

Start reading your book

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Class rules
Use English as much as possible --> Mistakes, no problem
Don't laugh at each other :)
Laptops are half-closed when not in use - NO gaming!
Listen to the teacher & your classmates
No homework but you do have to study at home

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Today's planning
1st hour:
  • 2.2 Grammar

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2.2 Grammar
You can talk about (un)countable nouns using some/any/much/many/a lot.

Talk about a things on the photo with your neigbor in English.


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One onion > two onions
A mushroom > three mushrooms

Non food related: books, computers,  blankets.


Non food related: love, snow, money.
2.2 countable and uncountable nouns

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You use much when talking about uncountable nouns.

There isn't much coffee left.

We need a lot of cheese to make this dish.

You use many when talking about countable nouns.

There are many pies in the bakery.

Are there a lot of leftovers?
2.2 much, many and a lot

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I don't like to eat too .... food.
My sister eats ... food everyday.
I bought so ... eggs.
a lot of

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You use some in affirmative (bevestigende) sentences. 

There are some teachers in this hallway. 

There is some paper on the desk.

You use any in questions and negative (with not) sentences.

Are there any smart kids around?

Is there any pie left?
2.2 some and any

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Write a sentence (?) using any.

Slide 10 - Open vraag

Write a sentence (+) using some.

Slide 11 - Open vraag

Extra practice
Choose what grammar item you want to practice.

Let me know if you need help or have Q's
Much, many & a lot of
(un)countable nouns

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Do you ...
... know the difference between much, many & a lot of?
... know how to use some and any?
... know how to order words in an  English sentence?

TO DO: study 2.2
Use the WB for extra practice

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