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Musing along the border
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Musing along the border

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What objections to dualism and materialism does Mary Midgley has?

Slide 2 - Open vraag

You will... 
  • know the concept op euthanasia
  • know the law on euthanasia (Wet op levenseinde)
  • evaluate the question: "Is it dignified and/or okay to choose one's own death?"
  • link dualism/materialism to euthanasia

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What is euthanasia?

Slide 4 - Woordweb

What is euthanasia?
  • Euthanasia (Greek: εὖ (eu) = "good" and θάνατος (thanatos) = "death")
  • good / mild death / merciful death: refers to actions that promote dying without much suffering of another person.
  • Must ALWAYS be performed by a doctor
  • Can be done from the age of 12 
  • There are different ways of euthanasia

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What is not covered by euthanasia?

Slide 6 - Woordweb

What is not covered by euthanasia?
  • stop medical treatment
  • administering sleeping pills
  • eating and drinking
  • suicide

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What things should be considered according Dutch law? (zorgvuldigheidseisen)

Slide 8 - Open vraag

Slide 9 - Video

Dutch law: Zorgvuldigheidseisen
  1. voluntary and well thought-out
  2. Prospective and unbearable suffering
  3. 3. Informing about the situation and prospects
  4. No reasonable other solution
  5. Consult independent doctor
  6. Medically diligent execution

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What are good reasons to commit euthanasia?

Slide 11 - Open vraag

Religious perspectives on euthanasia
  • in favor: autonomy (Jospeh Fletcher/situation ethics)
  • con: biblical

Judaism / Islam: con: God decides

  • autonomy (freedom of choice) 

Slide 12 - Tekstslide

Utilitarianism, Duty and virtue ethics
Utilitarianism (Doel ethiek):
Hedonism; avoiding pain. ondergaan in genot en vermijden 

Duty ethics (plicht ethiek):
morally wrong (Kant)

Virtue ethics (Deugdethiek):
Life on earth should be respected.

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Slide 14 - Video

Are psychiatric patients capable of deciding to have euthanasia?

Slide 15 - Quizvraag

Euthanasia of the demented should be banned?

Slide 16 - Quizvraag

Does a prisoner have the right to euthanasia?

Slide 17 - Open vraag

If the family disagrees, should euthanasia not be performed?

Slide 18 - Open vraag

Is it dignified (menswaardig) if people are not allowed to choose themself for euthanasia?

Slide 19 - Open vraag

Slide 20 - Video

How can dualism/materialism be linked to euthanasia?

Slide 21 - Open vraag

I understand Dutch law on euthanasia

Slide 22 - Poll

To do:
  • read the text musing along the border
  • note what strikes out for you
  • note arguments pro/con 
  • Do you think the zorvuldigheideisen (due diligence) where met in the case of Siep Pietersma?

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