5H GSAW Chapter 3

GSAW Chapter 3
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GSAW Chapter 3

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Jean Louise, reflecting on her relationship with Alexandra, remembers the time her aunt tried to convince her to stay in Maycomb and care for her father after her brother Jem’s death. Jean Louise refused, but Alexandra succeeded in making Jean Louise feel guilty for returning to New York. Jean Louise realizes that although Alexandra irritates her, she is grateful to her aunt for looking after Atticus.

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In the present day, Alexandra offers to throw a Coffee (a ladies’ party) for her niece. Jean Louise accepts reluctantly. She casually asks Alexandra how she would feel if Hank became her nephew. Alexandra objects on the basis of Hank’s family background, saying that Hank would not be a suitable husband for Jean Louise. When Jean Louise calls her aunt’s thinking outmoded, Alexandra becomes harsher, calling Hank “trash” and accusing him of trying to inherit Atticus’ good reputation. Unable to keep her cool, Jean Louise tells Alexandra to go pee in her hat.
Hearing about the incident from Alexandra, Atticus chides Jean Louise for cussing at her aunt. Jean Louise explains that Alexandra was insulting Hank, which silences Atticus. Hank arrives to take Jean Louise on their date, and Jean Louise realizes that her aunt’s prohibition of her marrying Hank has made her want to marry him more than ever before.

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Short questions

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When did Alexandra move in with Atticus?
After her husband had died.
After her son had died.
After Jem had died.
After Calpurnia had died.

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Why does Alexandra not approve of a marriage between Jean Louise and Henry?

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Where is aunt Alexandra's husband?
He is dead.
He never wanted to return from a fishing camp.
He decided to seperate from her.
He also lives with her and Atticus.

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"Is my cowlick down?"What is a cowlick?
special dress, very wide, very feminine.
nickname for Alexandra
the way your hair is placed on your forehead

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What is the difference between scatology and blasphemy?

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Questions to discuss...

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In what way can we consider aunt Alexandra Jean Louise's foil?

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Why did Jean Louise and aunt Alexandra fight after Jem's funeral?

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Aunt Alexandra's wants to have a Coffee in Jean Louise's honour. What is a "Coffee" in Maycomb?

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