11SSA Anxiety Period 5 Sun 23rd

Give 3 key words from last lesson (this morning)
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Give 3 key words from last lesson (this morning)

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Which one best describes Anxiety?
A negative emotional state due to stress
A positive emotional state due to stress
Just a feeling
A physiological response in the body

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Unit 5 Sports Psychology 
  1. Define what anxiety is (Trait and state).
  2. Identifies the symptoms of anxiety.  
  3. Describes how anxiety can impact sports performance. 

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Trait سمة Anxiety 
  • This is part of a persons personality and cannot be changed.
  • You are born with this.
  • People with high Trait Anxiety will be worried in lots of different situations even when it is not threatening. 

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State حالة Anxiety
  • This is a learned behavioural response.
  • Depending on the situation your Anxiety may change.
  • State anxiety may be high before a big competition but as you start to play, this anxiety may go down.

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If you worry a lot, you have high levels of Trait Anxiety

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If you do not worry too much you have low levels of Trait Anxiety

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State Anxiety is part of your personality

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State Anxiety changes with
Your personality
The situation

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Trait Anxiety 
State Anxiety
Part of personality
Changes with the situation
Cannot be changed
Born with these levels of Anxiety
Depends on what you are doing and how threatening you find it

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Somatic State Anxiety 
Cognitive State Anxiety

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