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They mystery photo is back!
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They mystery photo is back!

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It's a belt. Did you get it right?

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FCE Listening Test
There are four parts to the test.
You will hear each piece twice
For each part of the test, there will be time for you to look through the questions and time for you to check your answers.

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Today we will practice two parts: 
FCE Binder page 191 

Listening Part 2 - Sentence Completion
FCE Binder Page 192 
Listening Part 4
Multiple Choice

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Part 2 - Sentence completion 
Exercise 1 and 2 page 191 -
Could you walk 55 miles across this landscape in just two days, carrying a 55 kilo backpack?   

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Multiple choice
  • Page 192 - read the instructions for exercise 1
  • Listen and answer questions a-d
  • Read the instructions for exercise 2
  • Listen and choose the best answers for 1-7
Part 4

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Practice at home
The following slides have all 4 parts of the listening exam.
Practice on-line

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FCE Listening Part 1

The first part of the exam is quite easy, as long as you pay attention and don't get fooled by the distractors. You hear 8 texts (monologues or dialogues) and there's no connection between them. Each question is worth one point.

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FCE Listening Part 2
This is a task called sentence completion. On your answer paper is a text with ten gaps. You listen to a monologue for about 3 minutes and you have to put the missing words (or numbers) into the text. It looks like this:


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Never write more than 3 words.
If the answer is a number, you can write the number. 300 (or you can write three hundred), 1918, etc.
Be careful to read the whole sentence to make sure your answer fits grammatically. For example, if I wrote 'across the ocean' as my answer to the airship question, I wouldn't get a point. It says 'to' earlier in the sentence. See?

The sentences on your paper are different from what you hear on the recording. But the words you write should be exactly the same as what you hear.
Spelling isn't super-important in this part of the exam, though if you spell something really incorrectly you could miss a point. 

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Part 3
In part 3 of the listening test you hear 5 short clips, each from a different speaker, on the same topic. There are 8 options and you have to match the options to the speakers. Obviously that leaves 3 options that don't match any of the speakers.

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Part 3
The introduction is always the same and you should pay attention to two things:

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Part 4
You hear an interview or conversation (about 3 minutes long) and have to answer 7 multiple choice questions. By this time, you might be quite tired from concentrating so this will be a challenge even if you’re normally quite good at this kind of task.

Like in the rest of the listening test, you have to ignore distractors, listen for linking words, and understand the meaning of what the people are saying.

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