MODA - Biomimicry Lesson 5

Biomimicry Lesson 5
Design Challenge
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Biomimicry Lesson 5
Design Challenge

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You are going to learn
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You will practice design thinking
You will build a prototype to investigate 
a solution to a challenge
You will practice research skills to learn about plants and animals that can inspire your design 

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Supplies Needed
Pencil or pen and paper
Building materials like Legos, Play Doh, cardboard, tape, glue, etc.

An internet connection to access 

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Define a challenge.

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How might studying spiders' webs
help us keep birds
from flying into glass?

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How are birds able to avoid
flying through spiders' webs?

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What did humans learn
from spiders to help
save birds' lives?

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What were you most excited
to learn today?

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What are you still wondering?

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Write one word to describe
today's lesson.

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Ready, set, design! 

It's time to take what you've learned and put it to work in the Biomimicry Challenge. Go to lesson five!

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