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American Prison
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American Prison

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Introduction 10 minutes
Listening assignment 15 minutes
Vocabulary assignment 15 minutes
Graded output assignment: 20 minutes

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You are going to become familiar with vocabulary about prison.
You are going to be able to use the words in sentences.
You can listen and watch a video about prison life in America.

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American Prison

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Vocabulary assignment
Please open up a word file and write down the meaning of the following words:
1. Solitary confinement
2. To release
3. Incarcerated
4. Estimation
5. Attorney
6. Execution

After you are done with the definition of the words, make a sentence with each word.
For example: 
Sushi: Japanese dish which includes fresh, raw fish rolled up in rice and seaweed.
Sentence: My boyfriend does not like sushi, he prefers his fish to be cooked.

Done early or in for an extra assignment?  Try to find as many synonyms as you can for each word!

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1. What crime(s) did Anthony Haynes commit?
He tried to rob people
He tried to escape from prison
He shoplifted
He tried to rob people and he killed a police officer

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2. Why did Anthony kill the police officer?

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3. What is Anthony's sentence (punishment)?

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4. How often did the governor offer a "stay of execution"?

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5. Why does Anthony think he will die of an execution in prison?

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6. Who stopped the execution in the end?

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Deadline 2: Write a Prisoner
Please visit: https://writeaprisoner.com/
& open up itslearning as you will find the entire assignment over there!
21-22 JM1 OP1 1.3 Graded assignment - Write a Prisoner

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