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Printing technique
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Printing technique

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What is linoleum?
Source: Wikipedia:
'Linocut or linoleumcut is a relief printing technique in which an image is cut out from a piece of linoleum.
You actually make your own stamp 

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Which materials do you need?
Carbon paper                                Linoleum                                    Gouge                                           Paint rollers
Paper                                     Printing press

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Printing press
Sleep de afbeelding naar het woord waar het bij past.
Paint roller

Slide 5 - Sleepvraag

You will make a print with black and at least 1 color. 
(2 or more colors if you're advanced)

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Instructions for sketch:
Step 1:
Draw your image on paper with carbon paper.

Step 2:
Decide which planes will be black and which on will be colored. 

Step 3: 
Copy your sketch on the lino plate with carbon paper

Important note: 
Your image will be printed in mirror image

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Before you start to gouge your lino, please pay attention on the following:
- Always cut away from yourself

- What you remove, will have the color of the paper

- What you leave of the lino, will have paint

- The paint can't be removed from your clothes

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Instructions for gouging and printing:
Step 1
Gouge the white parts and make 4 prints with different colors. 

Step 2
Gouge away the black parts(2nd layer) and print on top of your existing prints

Materials: linoplate, gouge, paper, paint, printing press

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Upload your work in Portfolio -> Taken -> Year 2 Street Art

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