U2L3- Attributes

What attributes does a Painter object have?
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What attributes does a Painter object have?

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How were those attributes changed?

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Were we able to change them directly?

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Level 1: Predict: Accessing Attributes

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What did you notice and wonder about the code in this program?

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When would encapsulation be useful?

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Why would we use the keyword public

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Why would we use the keyword private

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You just watched a video about instance variables and attributes. Get a paper and use the front side to advertise people about it

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Using the back, write 5 sentences of what you learned. If you have space, take notes

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1. unit guide
2. extra practice
3. CFU

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access modifier - a keyword used to set the visibility of classes, variables, constructors, and methods
encapsulation - an object-oriented programming concept where the instance variables of a class are hidden from other classes and can be accessed only through the methods of the class
instance variable - a variable defined in a class that represents an attribute of an object

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