Cambridge class: formal - informal

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Cambridge writing

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Four things are assessed:

1 Content                                                       -complete
                                                                           -no superfluous content
2 Communicative achievement         -correct form (letter, essay, report, review, proposal)
                                                                           -appropriate register (colloquial (informal) - formal)
3 Organization                                            -linking words, linking devices

4 Language                                                   -correct grammar, complex grammatical structures
25% each

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We are going to change an informal note into a formal complaint:
You will learn 8 ways to create a formal register
Make sure you write them in your Cambridge exam notebook.

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Let's first look at:
'They’d given the room to someone else even though I’d reserved and paid for it beforehand. I was furious!'

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Make more formal: use an understatement for
'I was furious!'

Slide 10 - Open vraag

More formal: use a PASSIVE for: 'They'd given the room to someone else'.

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Now let's change:
They did offer us another room, but it was right on the top floor – no telly, no phone. 

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Vocabulary: make more formal
Alternative for: 'another room'

Slide 14 - Open vraag

Vocabulary: make more formal
Alternative for: 'was right up on'

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More formal: use formal linking words.

'Although' instead of 'but',

'Neither-nor' instead of 'No - no'

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They did offer us another room, but it was right on the top floor. Although...

Slide 17 - Open vraag

Use full forms and complete sentences

also use neither / nor

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More formal way of saying 'No telly, no phone': There was ...

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Now let's look at the  sentence:
… Anyway, the long and the short of it is I’ve sent them a letter and told them that if I don’t get my money back I’ll be taking them to court.

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No idiomatic language. Another phrase for 'the long and the short of it':

Slide 22 - Open vraag

Make more formal: 'If I don't get my money back, ...'

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Make more formal: 'I’ll be taking them to court'

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Use inversion (should) instead of 'if'.
Rephrase 'If I receive no satisfaction':

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No contractions!
NOT:  I'll be forced to ...
BUT:  I will be forced to ...

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Now make the following sentences more formal:

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The room was absolutely freezing!
Use an understatement:

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If there's a problem, call me!
Use an inversion:

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I'll pick you up from the station.
Non-idiomatic English:

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The waiter hadn't cleared the tables.
Use a passive:

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Now write down 6 ways to create a formal style
Use:     P...  U... I... F...
Avoid:  C... I... 

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Practice material
 More formal:     
With phrasal verbs:
Formal grammar patterns:
Make LESS formal:

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Practise with formal - informal sentences (last slide)
Learn Vocabulary (see planner)

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