Engels 0SB4 14 sept 2020

                     Welcome to your English classes 

Year 1 
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                     Welcome to your English classes 

Year 1 

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Today's goals
  • Getting to know your teacher
  • Knowing about  your English exams
  • Activating  your code from your book Cutting Edge Intermediate 3rd edition 
  • Registering in MyEnglisLab ( digital portal for English homework 
  • What homework to do and when your first test is


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What English exams do you need to take for your diploma?
(one answer)
Central Exam writing B1 and reading B1
Schoolexams Reading and listening A2
Central Exam Reading and listening B1
Schoolexams monologue and dialogue B1

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Get to know your neighbour in English

Make a Word document
Write down:
two true thing about what you can 
one untrue thing  about what you can 
Tell your neighbour what you have written down


Your neighbour must guess if it is true or false.

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                                        Your English Exams:
2021-2022 : Schoolexam Pearson See A2 ( 60 min. computer  exam)
                      writing A2/monologue A2/dialogue A2) 
2022-2023 : Central Exam B1 (reading and listening B1)
Havo level:
2022-2023: Schoolexam Pearson SEE B1 ( 60 min. computer exam    
                     writing B1/monologue B1/dialogue B1)
2022-2023: Central Exam B2 ( writing and listening B2)

Minimum for passing= CE B1 +school exam A2.  
                                            Havo level= CE B2 +schoolexam  B1

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  YOUR  personal code for MyEnglishLab 
             is in your book Cutting Edge
  Activate your personal code to access MyEnglishLab

  Your course code (= class code) is:   
   0SB4A :  WXUK-RJXN  
 activate this by clicking on "Join a course

LessonUp class code:  hjjwp

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                          Homework :
Start your MyEnglishLab 
    do Unit 01  
Language focus 1 
    activity 1 / 2 / 3a / 3b / 4 / 5

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Schrijf 2 dingen op die je deze les hebt geleerd.

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