Lesson 3 Web Design

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Computer Science

In deze les zitten 13 slides, met interactieve quizzen, tekstslides en 2 videos.

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Make sure you are adding new vocabulary words and tags to your chart as you do the Lesson 3.

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Let's brainstorm a list of "sentence stems" that can be use for respectful and effective communication before you break into pairs

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Navigator and  Driver
There is only one computer.

The driver is the only one to touch the keyboard/mouse.

The navigator should look for problems in the code and keep track of the high-level plan.

Both driver and navigator should be communicating constantly.

Driver and navigator must switch when the teacher indicates, typically every few minutes.

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You and your partner will work together on Lesson 3. Make sure each of you take turn being the driver and the navigator.

After Tab or Activity 6 you may turn off the pair  programming but still work with your partner.

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Exit ticket:

Explain what debugging is in your own words?

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