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4 Phase Model & CLILHBOStudiejaar 2

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And you are? What is your favorite word in English?

Slide 2 - Open vraag

- Taaldossier
- Assignment
- Four phases model in a nutshell
- CLIL in a nutshell

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Taaldossier 2 - English
Lesson objectives:
1. You independently teach theoretically substantiated, communicative English language activities/lessons at your work placement school during which you flexibly use Classroom English at i+1 level depending on your students’ level and aligned with the (language) learning needs of young and older children. 

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Taaldossier 2 - English 
Learning objectives
2. You can explain choices based on didactic principles. 
3. You show specialized knowledge on CLIL and you can put this to practice. 
4. You show how you can successfully use books and film in the classroom. 

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Taaldossier 2 - Engels
5. You independently work on the development of your English language skills (listening, speaking and vocabulary) towards CEFR level B2 and in relation to teaching.

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Assignment 1: Four phases model idea
Study about the "four phase model" and make an accessible overview of the information, in English.

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Assignment 2. Four phases model lesson

1. Design and give a lesson according to the four phases model. - In your lesson form it is clear how you followed the phases
- You make your own material and add this to the dossier. 
- You ask for feedback on the lesson plan and materials from two fellow students and your mentor.
- Also, you reflect on the lesson yourself.
- You also give feedback to two fellow students. 

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Assignment 3: CLIL lesson
- Study about CLIL and make an overview of CLIL criteria  
- Design and give a CLIL lesson. 
- Describe both language and content goals and fill in the lesson form, which is provided on Blackboard, in detail. 
- Explain how the CLIL criteria apply to your lesson.
- Ask two fellow students and your mentor for feedback 
- Give feedback to two fellow students  

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Assignment 4: Children’s book
- Choose a book/film/YouTube clip and use it in your classroom. 

- Explain a fellow student, or record a short presentation, in which you explain why you chose the book/film, how you used it in class, what the purpose was and what pupils learned from it. You show materials used or pupils’ work. Collect written feedback on the presentation and give feedback to others' presentations. Also, add a short description of the book / film with a pictures for your dossier together with the feedback.

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Check the Studiehandleiding for the assessment forms, credit.

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Slide 12 - Video

Discuss how this teacher uses the different phases in her class?

Slide 13 - Open vraag

CLIL in a nutshell
Content & Language Integrated Learning:

Combines learning content with learning a foreign (or additional) language, focusing on learning both at the same time. It creates a rich learning environment for children.

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Soft CLIL - Hard CLIL

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What are the benefits of CLIL?

Slide 16 - Open vraag

Slide 17 - Video

What CLIL features did you see in this class?

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Four C's of CLIL
- content (subject)
- communication (receptive & 
productive language skills)
- cognition (critical thinking skills) 
- culture (join global community)

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Any questions?

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