Lockdown Poems Part 2

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In deze les zitten 15 slides, met interactieve quizzen en tekstslides.

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Poem 3. Do you know why people need to wear face masks?

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Does anyone in your family wear a face mask? What does it look like?

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Why did she/he have to go outside?

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What was the mask made of? What do you think ‘frilly’ means?

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Poem 4. Do you play a sport? Is it an indoor sport or outdoor sport?

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Can you play/do your sport during the lock down?

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The poem names three sports and their playing field. Write down the three sports, their playing field and the Dutch translation of both.

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Why was he not allowed to play football?

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Why does he not get ‘thrown’ from the field in the last stanza.

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Now you are going to write your own stanza (four lines).
- Think of a sport that is not already in the poem.
- Look up the English translation of both the sport and the playing field.
- Think of a reason why you are not good at this sport and use that in your stanza.
- The second and fourth line need to rhyme.

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My four lines:

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