GC1 3. Educational systems around the world- lesson 1

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Goals of this lesson
At the end of this lesson you...
- can empathise with others
- work together in groups
- research a topic
- find useful information online

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Educational systems around the world

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why are some children unable
to go school?

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A group of children from all corners of the world all sitting together at summer camp discussing their school stories. It is revealed that they don’t all go to school, and some of the school kids are jealous:
American boy:  ‘I can’t believe you can play all day, and don't have to do any homework.’

Indian boy: ‘I can’t because I have to go to work from noon till night, otherwise my family can’t afford to eat. I so wish I could see my friends, and learn new things.”
Nigerian girl: ‘I can’t go to school because I’m a girl. People think I should be married and having babies, not be at school learning. They think it’s a waste of time. I want to be a doctor, but I won’t ever have the chance.’

American boy: ‘You have to work but you’re only 8? And get married. ?’

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You are on the floor and included in the conversation, what would you say?

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Over the next five weeks we are going to work in groups on a project about our Dutch school system and the school systems in two other countries.  Each week you will get new questions to research. At the end of the lesson series  you will need to hand in your final work as a powerpoint via Simulise and present  your findings in class. 

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 now form groups
4 / 5 students per group

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Choose one European country
• Italy
• Great Britain
• Slovenia
• Germany
• Spain
• Poland
• Sweden

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Choose one global country
• Brazil
• New Zealand
• Vietnam
• Kenya
• Afghanistan
• Russia

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Research questions 
Research and answer the following question about your three countries (The Netherlands, your European country, your global country):
 • Is there a law that says that children need to go school?
• At what age do children need to go to school?
• Until what age do they have to go to school?


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End of this lesson?
Put all the research questions and answers per country in a powerpoint. 
Remember to save it as a group, make sure that you all have access to the powerpoint as one of your group members may be absent next lesson!

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