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Learning Goals
European Values 
The EU and ME

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European Values
‘United in diversity’? It is the EU’s motto and it represents what the EU’s values are all about. While each EU country has its own culture, language and traditions, they all share the same common values and must respect them if they want to be part of the European Union. 

One fundamental value that unites all the Member States is democracy. This means that only democratic countries can be members of the EU. 

The other values of the EU that are common to all Member States are human dignity, freedom, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of people belonging to minority groups. 

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Choose two of the five EU values listed below and discuss with others in your group what they mean to you. 

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Get together in small groups and discuss the following points. 
 Whether you all have the same understanding of the values listed in Article 2 of the EU Treaty (respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and human rights).

 For instance, what does ‘respect for human dignity’ mean in practice? 
  •  Which value is most important to each person in your group? 
  •  Which political initiatives at EU or national level would you favour in order to safeguard the EU value that you most care about?

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Social trend now
Are there equal rights if we speak in terms of  institutional racism?

  •  Take a position on the subject
  •  Watch the documentary Zwart als roet or 13th amendment
  •  Describe in 250 words what the docu is about
  •  Ask yourself 10 critical questions on the matter
  •  Search for the definition of Institutional Racism
  •  Name examples of things that can be institutional racism in the
  •  Netherlands
  •  How can politics react, and should they react?

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Opdracht Asking VS Telling 

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 How to have more
meaningful conversations that build trust between people


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What will you learn during this classes?

- Aware of your own way of communicating
- you can enter into a dialogue on a sensitive subject
- Learn to see things as they are 

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Having a conversation that matters

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