09/2/2021 - Transitions and Conclusion

Transitions and conclusion
9 Feb 2021
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EnglishSecondary Education

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Transitions and conclusion
9 Feb 2021

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Lesson plan
Recap of transitional words
Some more practice on different transitional words
How to write a conclusion
Independent writing on your essay

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- Use transitional words and phrases / signals
- Know how to write a concluding paragraph
By the end of the lesson, hand in the first paragraph with transitional words.

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Ping pong
State three transitional words or phrases to someone.
When I clap my hands, find someone new.
Get up!
3, 2, 1, GO!

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Discuss with your partner
How many transitional words and phrases do you remember?
Write down as many as you can.

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Check for transitions in your own text
Discuss the transitional words and phrases you have used in your own tex with your shoulder partner.

Help each other find different ways to transition from one idea to another

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What is important to have in a conclusion?

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In the concluding paragraph you need to:

1. Summarize what you wrote in your essay.
2. Re-state the thesis claim
3. End your essay in an interesting way.

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Do not:
 - Add any new information
 - Point out every single point you have already made

Avoid using sentences such as:
"I'm no expert, but this is my opinion..."

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Any questions?

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Today, you have learned:
 - How to implement transitional words in your writing.
-  How to structure a conclusion.
- How to communicate ideas and teamwork.
- How to improve your own and others texts.

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