Week 2 - The 9-11 Memorial

Global Perspectives
The 9-11 memorial
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Global Perspectives
The 9-11 memorial

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Today's Objective:
- You can identify the message in a documentary
- You can assess a documentary and identify its strengths and weaknesses
- You can assess two texts on the same topic and link them to the discussion taking into account their strengths and weaknesses

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What's the function of a memorial?

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The 9-11 memorial
Now follows a short clip to introduce you to the 9-11 memorial
What is its function?

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What is the function of this memorial?

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Now follows a selection of fragments 
taken from a documentary about the 9-11 memorial. 

The main question will be: 
What is the message the documentary maker 
is trying to convey?

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What's your first response to the images you've seen so far?

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Slide 10 - Video

What is the maker trying to show with this fragment?

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Slide 12 - Video

What do you think of this girl's response to the memorial?

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Are the following people reacting / behaving any different?

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Slide 15 - Video

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What does the ending suggest / mean?

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Now read a short article in which the maker's intentions are mentioned. 
To what extent do they resemble your (previous) findings?

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Slide 19 - Link

In what way(s) can we be critical of this documentary?

Slide 20 - Open vraag

How does the following text tie in with the discussion so far?

Does it bring anything new to the table?

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Slide 22 - Link

What are the strengths and weaknesses of this text?

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Want to learn an academic approach?
Read (or scan) the following article and identify what aspects/characteristics make this an academic (scientific) text? Insert your answers into the last slide.

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Slide 27 - Link

Having read (or scanned) the mentioned article, what aspects/characteristics have you identified that make this an academic (scientific) text? Insert your answers below.

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What will you take away
from today's lesson?

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