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This introduction lesson is about the size, sources and possible solutions of the plastic soup. Also the challenges of recycling and what you can do to reduce your own plastic use are discussed.
Time: 30 minutes.

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Which plastic items did you use today? 
Give as many examples as possible. 

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Plastic is everywhere!

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In 2019 we produced more than 425 billion 
kilos of plastic worldwide. 
How many Eiffel Towers do you think this is?
42 Eiffel Towers
420 Eiffel Towers
4.200 Eiffel Towers
42.000 Eiffel Towers

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How much plastic ends up in de 
oceans worldwide every minute? 
1 garbage container
6 garbage containers
1 full garbage truck
6 full garbage trucks

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Why is the 
plastic soup 
a problem?

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Plastic does not decompose. It breaks down into smaller particles and the problem becomes larger.

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Think about all the plastic that has ever been produced in the whole world. How much of it might have been recycled? Only give the percentage number.

Slide 12 - Open vraag

Why is recycling still a challenge?
New plastic
is cheaper
Dull work
Sorting is complex
Plastic is often 
There are many sorts of plastics.
Too expensive

Slide 13 - Sleepvraag

Recycling everything would be wonderful, but unfortunately this simply does not happen.

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What are the sources of the plastic soup?

Slide 15 - Sleepvraag

The plastic soup starts in your own hands...

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... or chilling at a festival.

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The sea starts right here. 

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Rivers wash it into the ocean.

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The oceans are getting polluted. 

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Animals get entangled.

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Animals eat it.

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We eat it.

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Wij eten het op.
Wij eten het op.
Wij eten het op.
What can you do to reduce your plastic consumption?

Slide 24 - Open vraag


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Ideas for a Plastic Diet 

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Let’s do this together!

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