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Exam content  

What can you expect from  the Anglia exam?
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Exam content  

What can you expect from  the Anglia exam?

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  • What to expect 
Kind of questions
Different parts of the text 

  • Practice 

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Anglia - Section writing
Write a composition 
Look at the word count! 
You can choose from 4 topics. 
Please indicate which topic you've chosen. 

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Anglia - Section Reading
When required answer in FULL SENTENCES. 
MC questions: tick one box. 
10 questions on the text. 
You may write on the test, so underline parts of the text. 

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Anglia - Section Reading (Advanced) 
Five news articles on common theme. 
Match the questions with the articles. 
This is a multiple choice question. 

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Anglia - Section Reading
Advanced:  Grammar. 
Multiple Choice (4 options). 
Complete the sentences. 

Select the right sentence to complete the text. 

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Anglia - Section Writing
Rewrite the sentences. 
New sentence has to mean the same as the original. 
Advanced: 5 sentences
Proficiency: 10 sentences

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Anglia - Section Reading (Advanced and Proficiency)

Write the missing word to complete the sentence. 
Sentences are not connected. 
Only fill in ONE word. 
Words can be: prepositions, adverbs, verbs. 

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Writing - Things to consider
1 introductory paragraph. 

2-3 body paragraphs 

1 concluding paragraphs. 

Link paragraphs using linking words. 

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Also mind: 
Title: has to give information on content. 
Spelling: Try to mind your spelling as much as possible. 
Grammar: Try to mind the tenses we've discussed so far. 

Tip: Keep your sentences short. The shorter your sentences, the less mistakes you will make. 

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