Indefinite pronouns

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Indefinite pronouns
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Indefinite pronouns

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Indefinite Pronouns
Words that start with every, some, no, any.
Examples: no one, someone, anywhere...
Write down the missing word in these sentences.
Use an indefinite pronoun: no one, someone, anywhere, etc.

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Most teens think they know _____ about social media

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Think before you post _____.

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_____ likes it when you 'shout' in messages.

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What should go in the gaps?

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no one

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Complete the sentences
All the missing words are words from the table we just filled in.

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Where's my pen? I've looked _____, but I can't find it.

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Using social media can be a real problem. _____ should know that.

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The teacher asked a question, but _____ knew the answer.

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_____ left a message for you at reception.

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Ouch! There's _____ in my eye!

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I have no idea where Sally is. She could be _____.

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Do you want a place to relax on your holiday? There's _____ better than here!

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It's so noisy. Let's go _____ quieter.

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